The existing 3-story rowhouse occupies one of four side-by-side lots that are oriented perpendicular to the main street.  This unique configuration results in particularly tight dimensions for each unit, with windows on the front facade only.  This project looks to optimize this compact typology. 

The location of the existing staircase occupies half of the front wall, limiting the available frontage for windows.  The left over space is dark and has an awkward L-shaped layout. 

In the new plan, the party walls on both sides are thickened by 3 feet to contain all vertical circulation, utilities and storage.  The open central area is then extended into the front yard with a slender, bay-window-like protrusion that maximizes the opportunity for windows and natural light.


Program:  Rowhouse
Area:  1,050 SF
Project Team:  I. Kanda, P. Cataldo