In the practice of yoga, the “twist” is known for its detoxifying properties.  Twisting helps regain a sense of homeostasis, the body's relaxation response. The design of this tree house takes that twist and creates an enclosure where one can find a balanced state. 

As one climbs the spiral steps, a hidden room unfurls itself.  Here, suspended among the trees, the act of experiencing the forest is distilled to a purer form.  The senses of sight and touch are gently filtered out, leaving only the sounds and scents of the forest.  Meditation is encouraged by allowing one's focus to turn inward rather than outward.  

This basic and humble structure emphasizes the simplicity integral to both the human body and to nature.  It is a platform lifted clear above the forest floor, surrounded by a cocoon-like enclosure.  Essentials such as water, food, firewood and additional clothing are stored beneath the floor.  A single circular skylight above promotes an awareness of the relationship between sunlight and the tree canopy above.  At night, a suspended fireplace provides both heat and illumination for the upper enclosure, while the lower storage area remains cool and dark.

The form of the tree house mimics the growth of plant-life, with a slender stem that widens toward the top as it sprouts.  Instead of a root system for stability, the structure relies on tie-downs, similar to a ship’s mast.  This allows for a truly minimized footprint that can be erected on variable topography without requiring a large foundation.  .


Project Team:   I. Kanda, S. Chun, P. Cataldo