We were tasked with transforming an ordinary finished basement that had recently suffered water damage.

The owners, who inhabit a traditionally styled unit upstairs, were looking for a complete stylistic departure from this for their new basement.  The space would function as a den/study, doubling as a guest suite when hosting visitors.

There are many aspects of a basement that are difficult to alter, including the recognition of where you are.  Therefore our challenge was to reshape one's perception of their relative location.

Opening up a small section of floor above to create a "skylight" allowed us to manipulate how the sunlight enters the space.  This created a playful interaction between upper and lower levels.  It also revealed impressive 140-year old timber-frame beams which we then showcased in curved plaster.


Program:  Residence
Location:  Charlestown, MA
Area:  500 SF
Project Team:  I. Kanda, P. Cataldo
GC:  IS Painting General Carpentry
Millwork:  Honore Cabinetry
Furnishings:  Circle Furniture
Photography:  Matt Delphenich