Published in Boston Home Magazine


Located in Boston’s South End neighborhood, where space is a commodity, this project creates a sculptural focal point that re-conceives multiple competing programs to peacefully co-exist in a single, open space.  The typical expression of foyer, bar, kitchen, and powder room almost recede into the background, unified by a singular design.

Working closely with Furniture Design Services, we prototyped CNC-routed, hand-finished door and cabinet pulls carved out of walnut planks. 

The wavy, continuous hand-rail flows from one end of the kitchen to the other, varying in height and profile based on optimal grasp-ability as it traverses from powder room, refrigerator, pantry, lower drawers, upper cabinets, sink and culminating with the dishwasher. 

Each ripple in the walnut surface has an ergonomic purpose, while still allowing the handles to remain integral to the minimally expressed cabinetry.


Program:  Residential kitchen
Location:  South End, Boston MA
Area:  180 SF
Project Team:  I. Kanda, S. Chun
GC & Millwork:  Furniture Design Services