The program for this large addition called for an attached 3-car garage with a 3-BR guest house above and an indoor pool behind.  The challenge was how to nearly triple the footprint of the original house, while leaving a trace of its original character. 

The 2 most prominent architectural features of the original 3-story house date from its construction in 1907:

The gambrel roofline - framed with heavy molding to articulate the front facade into separate sections.

The wrap-around porch - to provide a continuous perimeter threshold between public & private, indoor & outdoor.

The new design takes these 2 elements and extends them across the new massing.  By re-applying the original design intent onto an augmented massing, the objective is not to imitate or reproduce past forms - instead, it is to create novel features on a massing that is stylistically rooted in both old and new.


Program:  Residence
Area:  4,900 SF
Structural:  Structural Integrity
Project Team:  I. Kanda, S. Chun